SPA: healing object is a physical meditation on the function of shrines as a techno-spiritual, ambient, and virtual process organized by Jasmine Reiko and pecorino. Shrines are regarded as Holy Place due to associations with a Certain Divinity, a Sacred person, or Relic, or marked by a building or Other Construction. The experience is furnished with artifacts of release, elation, and being nothing, nowhere.


SPA considers the energy of accumulation/collecting for no reason, of taking/investing for no reason, of reverence both private and public, of extending and sustaining the idea of shrines past their physical site and into an atmosphere that is all accessible yet chaotic in its freedom and lavish insistence in the now. Performing restorative strategies of trade, reception, and worship as losing-self, SPA is a collection of healing objects washing its users with supernatural relaxation.


SPA: rapture 

Curated by Jasmine Reiko at ARS Cafe. 

Featuring works by Lindsey Okubo, Nanea Lum, Vincent Bercasio, Rei Kaori Arizono, Natalia da Silva, Arne Asaumi, and Nalani Sato. 

Our thoughts do not hold the future itself. They are mostly placeholders or by proxy of an idea of it. The future acts and talks like heaven. SPA: rapture is a continuation from SPA: healing object, what happens to an object that has gone through radical transformation? It becomes spliced and not what it once was. Continuing through others, SPA: rapture is a capture before reaching

Once you label me you negate me. 
Søren Kierkegaard

Transit, shift, suspension, projection, arriving. These are all verbs associated with contact with divinity, immaterial or material. Christian terminology, the rapture is the transporting of believers to heaven at the Second Coming of Christ. Re-contextualizing that prophecy, we see vessels in transport, the in-between stage that persists throughout most levels of life, the imagination that is demanded out of the present, an unmoving object already opting into its transcendence without doing anything.

Deconstruct to regenerate. The rapture construct is one that washes you completely. SPA: rapture is an all-encompassing process, not merely a vehicle in which you enter or a stairway to heaven which you walk up. SPA: rapture is an admittance of extreme pleasure and joy at the edge of materiality. Gazing at the unfurling expanse of ecstasy and passion, the objects and subjects on view are going through ______. What comes next is only understood through becoming something higher, elevated, and reimagined through form. The End Times, which is usually where Rapture the event takes place, is instead an everyday reimagination of radical selfhood through letting-go, a cosmic disconnection. 


SPA: marketplace 

MARKETPLACE was an artist swap within the culture of SPA. The spirit of uprooting and self-narrating  meditative sites via rekindling dignity in the most basic of things.

With MARKETPLACE, what’s being sold is not limited to objects. It can span services, readings, automatic drawings, conversations, staring contests, braiding hair, predictions, praying, cutting hair, and multiplayer video games. Each thing in this space is a healing experience.